Thursday, August 15, 2013

No more excuses, at home workout!

Results or Excuses, not both
Being a mom and getting a workout in can be tough at times.  I am the first to admit that I can come up with every excuse in the book, but at the end of the day if I really want it I will make it happen.  The best thing you can do is to schedule your workout and make it routine.  It will then become second nature to get that workout in.  Say for example you work a 9-5 and find it hard to get your workout in.   Instead of making the usual excuses (I'm tired, I don't have time, etc) find a way to work it in.  You can find a gym that is close to your work and go right after work, have your pre-workout snack around 4 then head right to the gym.  If you go right to the gym, instead of going home then trying to get back out to the gym, you are more likely to get your workout in.  Before I had my daughter I made sure to schedule my workouts in, either before work when I worked a late day or after work for my early shifts.  Now that I am a stay at home mom, and I don't have a set schedule per se, I can find every excuse in the book to not workout.  However, I know that I am a better mom, wife and me when I am working out consistently.  My new routine is to get up early before my daughter is up and get my workout in.  That way I make sure to get it done first thing and there are no excuses later in the day that keep me from working out.  If there is a day that I have to workout when my daughter is up I still get my workout in, I try to make it fun for her too.  If I am doing crunches I will let her sit on my lap, it makes for some added resistance and she thinks its hysterical!  If she sees mommy having fun while working out, it will create a positive view for her about exercising to have fun and be healthy.  I know that one day (when she is old enough) she will ask, "Mom can you teach me that?", that day will be such a proud day for me.  I want her to feel strong secure and happy in her own skin.  The same way I feel when I am working out and doing good for me!  

My daughter 10 months old, watching mommy workout!
Whatever your situation, working mom, stay at home mom, career woman you can workout at home with no equipment and still get a killer workout in. 
 Here is my no excuses at home total body
Warm up- Jog in place 20 seconds, 15 jumping jacks, 20 arm windmills
Do this circuit 4 times through-
Push ups (modified on knees if beginner)- 20 reps
Crunches- 30 reps
Squats- 30 reps
Reverse lunge- 10 each leg
mountain climbers- 30 reps
jumping jacks- 30 reps
wall sits (knees at 90 degrees and back flat against wall)- hold for 20-30 seconds
*rest and repeat!
If you have time left (or energy) after this workout go for a walk in your neighborhood.  Shoot for a good 30 minute walk at a brisk pace.  As you get stronger and if you are ready for it you can add intervals of running and walking.  Remember it is all about the effort that you put it, if you work for results you will see them!

How do you make sure you get your workout in?  Please feel free to share your tips with me here!


  1. When I went on vacation, Angelena's gave me this workout to do while I was visiting my mom in Florida. I did this workout 4 out of the 6 days I was there and felt GREAT! It helped me keep on track and in my routine even though I was on vacation1!!

  2. Great job staying on track when you went on vacation! It is easy to get a great workout anywhere, you don't need equipment just your body, motivation and some space. Keep up the great work!