Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Mind Body Connection + Yoga Meditation Stretches

I took this photo at a local Metropark.  Before I had my little one I used to do trail walks a few times a week.  I loved this place it was so quiet and peaceful. 

Hi Fitness Friends!  I hope you are enjoying this Wednesday afternoon.  I have been away from posting for a few days, but I missed it and I'm back.  I hope that your week is treating you well.  I feel like I have finally gotten back in my rhythm with my workouts.  I have made sure to plan when I'm going to get it in and in sticking with it.  Today I did my back and shoulders workout followed by kickboxing lower body.  When I finished I had that euphoric feeling that comes with having an awesome workout.  Do you get that feeling after you workout?  I love that feeling and crave that feeling.  That is what keeps me coming back for more.  When I am not feeling like getting my workout in, I take a moment and think about how great I'll feel in about an hour and then I get it done!  There is a definite mind and body connection that comes with working out.  It has been said that working out is the most underused anti-depressant.  I truly believe this.  No matter what kind of workout you love to do, get moving and you will feel awesome when you are done.  Have you ever started a workout not really motivated, but once you step on the treadmill to warm up and put on your favorite song you are getting into the groove?  When you are warming up, take some time to visualize your workout, maybe challenging yourself to try heavier weights  or finally adding some burpees.  This is where your mind can strengthen your workout.  

Your mind is such a powerful tool.  When you are doing your sets and reps be present in that moment, really focus and concentrate on what you are doing.  This focus will have a positive impact on how your workout goes and the progress you will make.

Also, learn to take some time each day to sit and meditate.  Quiet your mind and just let yourself be.  If you have a hard time getting to sleep at night, right before bed is the perfect time.  On the nights that I am feeling too wired to sleep I will do some light yoga stretching along with deep breathing and meditation.  Here is a series if moves you can do after a great workout, when you're feeling stressed or before bed.  Remember your mind is a powerful tool, take the time to nourish your mind, body and soul.  You will feel the benefits and hopefully let go of things that are bothering you easier.  

Yoga series for calming the mind and body:
Standing forward fold
Down dog
Up dog (or cobra)
Child's pose
Seated butterfly
Pigeon pose (each side)
Cat/cow (alternate poses) 
* hold each pose for 5 deep breaths and move slowly into each pose.  Repeat series 3 or 4 times. 
Feel the peace in your mind and heart. 
Namaste my friends! 


  1. I have recently been considering starting yoga. It seems like everyone who does it is instantly hooked, and I've never seen an out of shape yogi ;)

    1. Hi Kaysie, yoga is a great compliment to any training plan. It is good for stretching and relaxing the muscles. It is also so good for your mind as well. Most studios allow people to try a class before you have to sign up. If you try it, let me know what you think.

  2. Maybe it is just something that the people in the Eastern countries are born knowing but it sure has taken people in the West a long time to realize that body, mind, and spirit are all connected and either work together or work against each other. We here in the West sometimes try out things they don't understand because we think "it can't really hurt".

  3. I agree with you, workout is the best antidepressant. No matter what type of exercises you do, it helps you feel good both physically and mentally.

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  6. I agree with these thoughts. Everything that is done mindfully has a successful result.

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  9. I agree with these thoughts. Everything that is done mindfully has a successful result.

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