Friday, February 28, 2014

Feature Fridays: Alexandra Cantrell

Happy Friday Fitness Fam!  I hope that you are having a great week so far.  Today's Feature Friday is from Alexandra who blogs at Healthy Life Happy Wife, I love the name, be sure to head over and follow her journey of running and healthy living.  She shares her story with us and some tips to help you live a healthy life too! 

Alexandra's story and lifestyle changes:
Back in 2008, I had been dating my now husband for about a year.  We were still in that honeymoon phase and spent as much time together as possible.  That time together tended to involve food and not fitness.  I never had to worry about my weight or what I ate up to that point.  I was blessed with a fast metabolism during high school and college, but that only lasts so long.

I vividly remember stepping on the scale at the gym, for no reason in particular, and seeing a number that made me vow to start making healthy choices and make the time for fitness.  I ended up losing about 20 pounds and 3 months by counting calories, and taking fitness classes at the gym.  I started cooking healthy meals and overall revamped my lifestyle.  I have maintained my weight up to this point- which occasionally fluctuating 5 pounds or so - by being conscious of what I am eating, working out consistently and indulging once in a while so I don't feel deprived.

Of course, it is hard to stay motivated when you have reached the goal you set for yourself.  Setting new goals has helped me to continue on the healthy path that I started 6 years ago.  A lot of my goals pertain to running.  From college on, I ran 3 miles on the treadmill every now and then, but never really pushed myself to improve.  Now running is a huge part of my life.  It is my stress relief and motivation to stay active.  I have run three half marathons and am currently training for my first full marathon in April.  Knowing that every training run will help me get across that finish line is the best motivation I can think of and it what has kept me going- even during the numerous polar vortexes in New York City!

Here are some of Alexandra's tips to live a healthy lifestyle:
  • The hardest part about making fitness a priority is that first step out the door.  I would much rather get home after work and lay on the couch, but when I force myself to put on my sneakers and go for a run- I rarely regret it!
  • Planning ahead makes all the difference!  Bringing your gym clothes to work or packing a lunch is important so that you don't feel the urge to go buy fast food or just head home at the end of the day.
  • Stay hydrated.  I notice on the days that I don;t have enough water that I feel sluggish and more hungry than usual.  Rather than going for a snack or grabbing some caffeine- I try to drink more water and I usually feel better.
  • Scour Pinterest for new-to-you workouts, healthy meals and motivational quotes.  Pinterest is a huge motivator for me!  If I am bored with my go-to dinner or yoga routines, I head to Pinterest and find something new.  Mixing it up and not getting bored helps to keep things interesting and fun!

About Alexandra:
Alexandra live in Brooklyn with her husband and puppy, Freckles.  She is a civil litigation attorney by day, but her true passion is running (and whiskey).  She tries to balance full time employment in NYC with staying healthy and happy.  Alexandra writes about marathon training, healthy cooking, and overall healthy living on her blog, Healthy Life Happy Wife.

Connect with Alexandra:

Thanks to Alexandra for sharing her story and great tips today!

I also want to thank everyone who entered The February Crow Pose Challenge and Giveaway.  Be sure to check the giveaway page for the winner.  Stay tuned for another giveaway in March! 

Have a healthy and fit day, 



Thursday, February 27, 2014

Vacation Review + P90X3

Hello!  We got back from Miami Tuesday night, it was such a great trip.  We got to stay with our friend Joe who moved down there last summer.  He lives in a beautiful high-rise on the 37th floor and the view was spectacular (although I was freaked out about Ariana being on the balcony).  There was a gorgeous pool area we spent a few days at and even a gym where I got in 2 workouts.  I know I said I wanted to get 4 in, but it just didn't work out that way.  Ariana was very clingy and the one day I went during her nap she woke up really upset.  Such is the life of a mom, she comes first, so I didn't get any others in.  My eating was pretty good the beginning of the week and kind of tapered off toward the end.  I am back on track now, and it really made me realize how much better I feel when I am working out and eating clean.  We also did a few days at the beach which was awesome and it was so hard to come back to this cold weather.  Hopefully Spring gets here soon!  Are you able to stay on track when you are on vacation?

Today I started P90X3!  It was a challenging workout, and there were 2 exercises that require a pull up bar, which I don't have, so I modified with how they showed on the DVD.  It was hard following along the first time since it is all new, so once I get through each workout once, I know I can push a little harder.  I had some energy left and did a quick 20 minute tabata workout to get my metabolism going again after taking so long off from my workouts.  It was also slowing back down because I wasn't eating consistently throughout the day.  So, that has changed today and I am back to at least 3 meals and 2 snacks.  I am also doing Shakeology, with the P90X3 program and will use it as a meal/snack replacement daily, it has a ton of superfoods in it as well.  If you want more info check out my Shakeology site and feel free to ask me any questions.  It tasted great, I just blended it up with water ice and 1/2 a banana.  I will keep you updated throughout my 90 days and if you are doing a program or just getting your workouts in tell me about it!  I have also started a Facebook Group for accountability and motivation, send me a message on my Facebook page and I can add you. 

Beachbody has so many different programs to choose from, I chose P90X3 for the challenge and to push myself for 90 days and keep my nutrition tight (it comes with a nutrition guide) and see how awesome my results are!  I am ready to give 100%!  If you want more info about any Beachbody program you can check out my Coach site, or send me an e-mail.  Tell me what your goals are for this year, are you working on becoming the best you possible?  I would love to hear from you!

Have a healthy and fit day, 


Friday, February 21, 2014

Feature Fridays: Heather Heinlein

Good Friday morning fitness fam!  I am writing this post from sunny Florida.  It is nice being on vacation and having some extra time with my hubby and Ariana, just hanging out.  Today we took her to the Jungle Park, and she had a blast.  I've managed to get one workout in, and I plan on getting up early tomorrow to get my second in.  Then I'm hoping for a pool day!  Eating out is not my favorite, I prefer to cook most of my meals, but at least it saves me from cleaning up as much (finding the silver lining).  So far we are having a great trip!

Today's Feature Friday comes from another Sweat Pink sister, who has had a few weight loss journeys (I can relate!) and is currently working on living a healthy lifestyle.  She found a love for running and even started a blog to share her journey Divas Run for Bling, be sure to check it out.

Here is Heathers story:
     Growing up I was always active.  I was a cheerleader and soccer player in high school and even cheered for my basketball team my freshman year of college.  Throughout the rest of college and the rest of my 20s, I just sort of stopped being active.  Before I knew it I was borderline obese.  I kept saying I was going to get back in shape and eat healthy, but I never did- until I turned 30.  I went for my normal check up with my doctor and found out that my blood pressure was really high.  At that point, I knew it was time to get serious about my health.  So over the next 10 months, I managed to lose 30 pounds by walking almost everyday, counting calories, and some yoga.  Unfortunately, this weight loss did not last.  My husband and undecided to try to start a family and discovered it would be difficult to do on our own due to the fact that I have PCOS, which is a hormonal imbalance that affects ovulation.  So we went the fertility route and I added 20 of 30 I had lost back on.
     In early 2012, I decided yet again that I needed to lose weight and start eating right- this time for good.  My best friend, Chris, had been trying to get me to take up running.  So I finally gave it a try and fell in love with the sport.  By the end of 2013, I had completed 3 half marathons and multiple 5Ks and 10Ks, along the way I started Divas Run for Bling, as a way to share the lessons I have learned along the way as well as my triumphs and setbacks on this healthy living journey.  While I am just now starting to lose weight again, I have been living a healthy active lifestyle this whole time.  I try to eat as many whole foods as possible.  I call myself a flexitarian as I spend about half my week eating vegetarian.  When I do eat meat, it is lean and usually grilled or baked,  I try to make smarter choices when I go out to eat.  I carry leftovers to work for lunches most days and always bring healthy snacks with me for when an afternoon bout of hunger hits.  I am not a strict calorie counter, but I do try to stay aware of what I'm eating and try to balance that out with how much exercise I'm getting in.
    I typically run about 4 times per week and try to do some weight training, yoga, or cross training twice a week.  While I am still considered overweight, my blood pressure and such are completely normal.  While I never did get pregnant (my husband and I are going to start IVF later this year), I do know that I am healthier than when I started.  I'm still trying to get the weight off, I have finally accepted that weight is just a number.  There are many other things that go into how healthy I am and as long as I keep the lifestyle I am living now, I will be okay.

Here are some of Heather's tips for an active and healthy lifestyle:
  • Find some form of exercise you enjoy doing.  If you are not having fun, you will not stick to it. I love to run but it is not for everyone.
  • Be social.  Whether its a workout buddy or blogging friends, it's good to have someone to keep you motivated.  My husband is great at supporting me and telling me to get up and move!  
  • Eat what you want, but in moderation.  It's okay to have your favorite treat once a week, just in moderation. 
  • Don't get too caught up on the number on the scale.  There are other factors that go into being healthy.
  • Don't give up!  Just keep going.  Don't let one setback stop you from being the best, healthiest and happiest you can be.  Sometimes the journey is more important than the outcome. 
About Heather:
Heather is a runner, blogger, scrapbooker and Disney fanatic living in Chattanooga, TN with her husband and fur babies.  She also loves to cook, read and watch her favorite sports teams.  Her favorite quote is, "All your dreams can com true if you have the courage to pursue them!" Walt Disney

Connect with Heather:

Thanks Heather for sharing your story and I hope that your journey continues on this path!  You are the true example of never give up!

Have a healthy and fit day, 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Making the Time + Finding Your WHY

Good Monday Morning Fitness Fam!  I am so excited because tomorrow we leave behind the snow for the sunny beaches of Florida!  We are going to visit a friend that moved to Miami.  This will be Ariana's second time to Florida, but her first time at the beach.  I love vacation, but I also know that it can be easy to skip workouts and slack on clean eating.  So, this vacation, my goal PLAN is to workout at least 4 times.  I have my tabata workouts that I can do in 30 minutes and all I need is my Gym Boss Timer.  Also, in my friends building there is a gym so I can get in at least 2 total body strength workouts in, and he is part of a gym that does hour long circuit style classes and I plan to get 2 of those in as well.  It is all about making the time.  An hour a day is such a small part of your day, but it shapes how your day goes.  I know for me that if I know exactly what I am going to do for my workout when I wake up and then decide what time, I will get my workout in.  Yesterday this really hit home with me.  I knew that I at least wanted to get a 30 minute tabata workout in and even though the day was busy, at 9:00 pm I did it!  Would I have rather sat on the couch?  YES!  But I knew how good I would feel to get my workout done, and I felt proud of myself.  What do you do to ensure you get your workouts in?

My health and fitness is so important to me.  I want to stay strong so I can swing my 30 pound daughter while she giggles with delight and carry her around when she wants to be held.  I also want to set a healthy example for her.  I want her to have a strong body image and confidence in herself.  I also want to be around and be healthy as she grows up.  So Ariana, my sweet daughter is my biggest "why".  It is important to develop your WHY when it comes to your heath and fitness goals.  My other why: get into the best shape of my life.  Why now?  Because I can!  You truly have to commit to yourself and you can achieve what you set your mind to.  Have you taken the time to develop your why?  If not really think about it.  Your why is what will get you up early to workout before you go to work, or to have your gym back packed to go on your way home from work.  It will drive you to make better food choices and pack a meal, instead of getting a fast food "meal".  You will learn to treat your body with respect, since you only get one, why not make it the best it can be.  If you find your honest why, this will be your driving force to reach your goals.  Make the time to decide your why or whys!

Lastly on this Monday I want to share with you a company called Chase Infinite which sells workout tanks with inspiring messages.  Also $1 from each shirt sold goes to a specific charity.  So $1 of shirts pictured above will go to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.  I love the message that Strong Women Empower Women.  It is important for us women to stick together and empower each other not cut each other down.  There is so much cyber-bullying that happens on social media these days from women cutting each other down.  This message reminds us to stand together as women!  They have offered a 20% discount code to my readers.  If you want to purchase this or any tank go to their website and use the offer code "fitness".  

On that note, I am off to get my workout in!  Total body circuits with a 30 minute cardio tabata!  What are you doing today?  I love to hear from you so make sure to leave your comments below! 

Have a healthy and fit day, 



Saturday, February 15, 2014

I'm a Beachbody Coach + Square Bar Review

Hello Fitness Fam!  I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday so far!  I am so excited because I have awesome news to share!  I am a new Beachbody Coach, and today I received my P90X3 Challenge pack!  I signed up this week with Lindsey, a coach I met on Instagram, she is so motivating and even gets up at 4:45 am to workout before her two boys get up!  Now that is dedication!  She and I have so much in common and I am excited to be on her team and learn more about Beachbody and how to help others in their fitness and weight loss goals.  I feel like my experience as a personal trainer is a perfect fit with Beachbody.  They have so many awesome workouts DVDs to fit every goal and fitness level. 

I am going to start with P90X3 challenge pack which comes with 30 days of Shakeology, I was thrilled to find out they have a Chocolate Vegan option, if you remember, I can't tolerate whey (my tummy hates it!)  The P90X3 comes with everything you need to be set up for success, a fitness and nutrition guide, a CD book with all your workouts, and a calendar with what workouts to do on which day.  It takes all the guess work and excuses out of hitting your goals.  I can't wait to get started with this program once we get back from our vacation to Florida. I am even going to get my hubby to do some of the workouts with me!

I will also be starting up a P90X3 Challenge group in March, if you are ready to get in the best shape of your life or kick your fitness up a notch, send me an e-mail about joining or for more info.  I am excited for this next journey in my fitness career!

Squarebar Review

If you are on Instagram, chances are you have heard about Squarebars.  I contacted them about trying and reviewing their bars for you guys and they sent me one of each flavor, Cocoa Coconut (My FAVE!), Cocoa Crunch, and Cocoa Almond.  I tried the Cocoa Coconut and fell in love!  It has such a great chocolate flavor, and if you know me you know I love chocolate, and the coconut flavor was perfect not too overwhelming, but you knew it was in there.  I enjoyed the other two flavors as well, the Cocoa Almond has bits of almond which gave it a crunch, and the Cocoa Crunch, as stated in the name, had organic brown rice crisps that made it crunchy as well.  I will definitely have a few on hand to grab as a quick healthy snack paired with an apple.  Sometimes life gets hectic and it is nice to have something healthy and nutritious to throw in your purse (or diaper bag) when you are on the go.  I would even grab one for Ariana since she loves chocolate, I wonder where she gets that from, and they are healthy for her too.

Here are the MANY reasons why I love these bars:
1) They have 11-12 grams of vegan protein
2) They are Organic and Non-GMO
3) They are gluten free, dairy free, and soy free
4) They have coconut oil which is a healthy fat and helps to keep you full
5) They are all whole food ingredients

You can find these yummy bars at your local Vitamin Shoppe or online at 
Thanks to Squarebar who sent me a few to try, I am definitely a new customer!

Don't forget you can enter The February Crow pose challenge for the rest of the month.  Head over to the giveaway page and get your entries in!  If you post a crow pose pic to my Facebook Page, Twitter page or Instagram (@OnFireFitnesspt) with the #Febcrowposechallenge you earn 3 entries!  What are you waiting for?  You can win a Onzie All In One Tank!

If you have any questions about Beachbody feel free to send me an e-mail and I will get back with you.  Stay tuned for more info!

Have a healthy and fit weekend, 


Monday, February 10, 2014

Workout Madness + Recovery Protein Shake Recipe

Happy Monday Fitness Friends! I hope that you are having a great day so far.  The other day I was talking with one of my Sweat Pink Sisters after she posted a question in our Facebook Group that sounded like what I am going through.  I just turned 33 and I feel like my metabolism is slowing down.  Now, I wasn't as strict with my nutrition around the holidays and I put on a few pounds that won't go away, and I have some belly fat that I didn't have before.  Usually, I am able to workout and clean up my nutrition and the pounds would melt back not the case lately.  So after she posted the question in the group it got me thinking about what I can do to get my metabolism revved back up. 
Or Love to Hate is more like it!

Here is my plan:
1) I found some tabata workouts that I am add into my weight training.  Tabata takes high intensity moves (think burpees, mountain climbers, etc) and you do 8-10 rounds for 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest and a minute or two between each round.  I did this type of workout today, and I think I almost died a few times (not really), but it was so challenging and it is a change for my body.  I have a workout shirt that says "Train Insane or Remain the Same" and today I feel like my shirt was made for that workout! I plan on doing tabata 4 times a week to challenge my body.

2) I am starting P90X3 when we get back from our vacay.  I just became a Beachbody coach (more to come on that later).  I know this will kick up my workouts another notch!  You all know I love my Jillian Michaels, but I think I have just gotten used to some of the workouts and need to add something new.

3) Clean up my eating a little more.  I have actually been very good with my nutrition and I hardly eat any sweets anymore, my treat has become a tablespoon of Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut butter blend, if you haven't tried must!  It is so good and curbs my chocolate cravings!  I just need to add in more protein and veggies!

I think what is happening is that I think I am working out harder than I really am and need to kick things up a notch, and also I think that my body is used to my normal routine, I always do chest and arms on today when I did tabata I think my body was like WHAT?!?  So if you feel like you are not seeing the results you want it may be time to change things up.

I even wrote an article for Health Your Way Online Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism, check it out and see what you can add to get yours back on track.   

So after my killer workout I needed a recovery shake and made this yummy concoction: 
Post Workout Recovery Shake
2 scoops Sunwarrior Vegan Blend Raw Protein
1/4 cup old fashioned oats
1 banana
1 tbsp. Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut Blend
dash of cinnamon
BCAA's and glutamine for recovery
Blend well with ice and water, enjoy!

What are you doing to challenge yourself in your workouts?  

Are you finding it easy to eat cleaner when you are working out regularly?

 Remember if you have questions feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment and click the notify box and I will get back with you!

Have a healthy and fit day! 


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Friday, February 7, 2014

Feature Fridays: Alyson Gelinas

Feature Fridays: Alyson Gelinas

Today's story comes from Alyson Gelinas and it is truly inspiring!  Alyson decided to take control of her life and her weight.  She stayed positive and believed in herself, read on to hear how awesome she is!

Her story and why she wanted to make the change to live healthy:
     All my life, I have been overweight.  The extra weight had not only carried an extra burden physically, but had become a wall to hide behind.  Growing up, food was not only a means for living, but also a means for celebrating.  I am a part of a big Portuguese family, where "get togethers", consisted of enough courses of food to feed a small community.  I learned to associate food from my culture with family traditions and good times.  Not only was I attributing good food to good memories, but I was learning to associate eating with my other emotions and actions as well.  If I had a bad day at school, my eating habits would reflect on that.  It got to the point where I was not even aware of what I was eating.  I attributed my intense emotions- whether I was extremely happy or sad- to a food reward.
     I can't say that there was a specific turning point in which I had realized that I was rapidly gaining weight in the years following my high school graduation.  I can remember back before joining Weight Watchers that I had a conversation with my doctor about the health risks attributed with being over weight and the risks I specifically was exposed to due to my family medical history of high blood pressure, heart problems and diabetes.
     I realized that if I wanted to do this and succeed, I had to do it for myself.  No matter how many times someone told me I could do it, I had to believe in myself and want to do it for myself.  After taking the plunge and joining Weight Watchers, I started to realize that even though I may not have had some things in common with some of the members, we all had one thing in common- we wanted to make a change.  Whether that change be to lose a few pounds, learn to eat healthier, or both, we were all there for a common reason.  We shared a unifying bond.
     Once I began to see and feel some of the changes caused by losing weight and attending the meetings, it began to "click" with me.  I began to see my eating habits in a different way, and I finally started seeing the light at the end of my weight struggle tunnel.  The amount of support I have been given through Weight Watchers has not only helped me see my goals more clearly, but it has given me the self-confidence to continue my journey and realize that I am worth it.  I have lost 116 pounds so far, and I know this is only the beginning of a beautiful lifestyle change.

How she did it:
     I joined Weight Watchers and attended the weekly meetings.  I am a firm believer that the positivity and motivation of others can help you with your own personal goals.

How she keeps it off and maintains the healthy lifestyle:
The weekly Weight Watcher meetings are really helping me to keep it off.  Even if I have a feeling that it's going to be a gain, or I've had a bad week, I still go, weigh in, and accept the positive or negative consequences.  If I avoided the scale and my meeting every time I gained, it would be much easier for me to gain more than what I actually do.  These tools keep me accountable.

Some of her tips:
    Think about your ultimate goal, but really focus on mini-goals.  I knew I was going to have a lot of weight to lose.  In the beginning, I really focused on losing five pounds at a time.  That way, it didn't seem so overwhelming and unattainable.
     Even though the scale is important to my weight loss, it's not everything!  Other victories, such as activity victories (increasing your running time, being able to make it through an entire group fitness class without a break, etc) or what I call "body image" victories (dropping a pant size or fitting into a smaller size) are just as important!  Be proud of what you can accomplish outside of weight loss.

About Alyson
My name is Alyson, I am 23 years old and a college graduate.  I have lost 116 pounds on the Weight Watchers program.  I enjoy running, Zumba, Quest bars, and snuggling with my dog.  I am a teacher and a lover of helping others achieve their goals.  "Without struggle, there is no progress."

Find out more about Alyson and her journey here:

I want to thank Alyson for sharing her fantastic weight loss story with us.  She is an inspiration and truly encompasses the passion for believing in yourself and achieving any thing you set your mind to!
Have a healthy and fit day,

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Onzie All In One Tank and Capri Pant Review

I teamed up with Onzie for the February Crow Pose Challenge and Giveaway.  You have all month to work on your crow pose and enter the giveaway.  Since they are so awesome, they are giving one lucky winner an All In One Tank in the Print of their choice (Spring colors will be out soon!).  They also gave me an All In One Tank in the Leopard print and the Capri Pant in Illusion to try out and review.  A few awesome things about Onzie: 1) All of their products 100% American made and that includes all the processes that go into making their amazing clothes 2) Their clothes are made with Free-Flow Fabric Technology which helps to keep you dry and comfortable during your hot yoga session, workout, running session, Pilates class or any other sweaty activity you love to do.  You can look fab and stay dry with Onzie gear.

Onzie All In One Tank:

I wore the All in One Tank during my vinyasa yoga practice and I loved how comfortable it was.  It has the open sides under the built in sports bra which kept me cool during my practice.  I also love that it is banded at the bottom so when I am in down dog the shirt stayed in place.  It is great to have the tank top with the bra built in, two pieces in one.  I can't wait to see what colors and prints are out for spring.  If you are looking for a tank to keep you cool during your yoga or pilates practice this is the tank for you! 

Onzie Capri Pant:

First I have to say I love this print!  It looks ever better in person than it does on the screen.  There are only so many black capri pants one girl needs.  These are so light weight comfortable that they really can be worn for any type of workout you have planned.  I wore these during my weight training workout followed by kickboxing and they were awesome for both.  The fabric really does wick and kept me cool and comfortable during my workout.  I also can't wait for Spring to get here so I can rock these bad boys with a cute tank and some flops!  These are definitely coming with me on my trip to Florida this month, since I know they will keep me cool during my workouts down there.  Also, I am hoping to make it to a spinning and TRX class a local studio offers soon and I will try these out for that class too.  These really are a versatile capri pant and they offer many cute prints, this illusion print is my fave!

**Disclaimer- I was provided the tank top and capri pants to review by Onzie.  However, all opinions are honest and my own.

There is still time to enter the February Crow Pose Challenge and Giveaway Sponsored by Onzie.  You don't have to submit a crow pose picture, even though that makes the challenge fun!  Stop by the Giveaway page and enter!

Have a healthy and fit day,

Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Crow Pose Challenge & Giveaway Sponsored by Onzie

Ever since the first time I saw crow pose or Bakasana in a yoga class, I have always wanted to master this pose.  I was mid try one day (practice makes perfect), and I thought "Hey, why not challenge my readers to try to master the crow pose with me?"  I have partnered up with Onzie to sponsor the challenge and they will also giveaway an All In One Tank in the print of the winners choice, awesome right?  

So how do you enter?  Click here to go to the giveaway page and follow the steps on the Rafflecopter form.  You can earn up to 10 entries by following the steps.  Here is where the challenge comes in: post a photo on Instagram and tag @OnFireFitnesspt and @Onzie with the #febcrowposechallenge, OR to twitter at @Onfirefitnesspt with the #febcrowposechallenge.  You can do this step all month long so as you get better at your crow pose post a picture.  If you are a beginner to this pose then post a pic with your toes down, then one foot, then you mastering the pose.  You don't have to post a photo to be entered there are other ways to enter.  However, that is part of the fun!  

Stay tuned for my product review of some sweet Onzie yoga apparel and my first crow pose picture for the challenge!  I look forward to seeing your photos, Namaste.

Have a healthy and fit weekend,