Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sunny Saturday + 600 Calorie burn workout

Good Saturday Morning!  I hope that you are somewhere enjoying the sunny morning.  We went to a friend's wedding last night and had a blast.  Sometimes it is nice to get all dressed up and dance with friends.  I may be a little sleepy this morning, but I am going to get my workout in.

All dressed up!
It has been kind of an off week in terms of workouts, I was feeling like I was getting sick at the beginning of the week so I took Tuesday off to rest and give my immune system time to do its thing.  I have realized that it is best to listen to your body and not to push it even when you really want to get a workout in.  Do you listen to your body when you are starting to feel run down or do you push through?  I know that my body will thank me for taking a few rest days, and when I get to my workout today I will be well rested and ready to kick some butt!
Before I give you your 600 calorie burn workout, I want to take a quick moment and share a few things that happened to me this week, in hopes that if it happens to you too you won't let it affect you.  Twice this week I had a few other women, moms in fact, pass judgement on me.  One had a negative comment on Facebook about my article and another one last night at the wedding had her own opinion on how I am too attached to my daughter.  Here's the thing...why would any woman, especially a mother, have anything but kind words for the other.  If you are a mom, you know that along with all the wonderful moments, it comes with its challenges.  I want to be the kind of woman and mother that only has praise and helpful words for others.  It also helps to have some amazing friends that you can talk to and will always lift you up and support you.  I feel blessed to have some awesome women in my life including my mom, sister and aunt!  I took a lesson from The Four Agreements (wonderful book, short and insightful) which says not to take anything personally, so I didn't.  Both of these women have something going on in their lives which has nothing to do with me, end of story.  So if you experience this in your life, let it go, don't take it personally and move on.  Maybe say a quick prayer for that person and get on with your day.  Negative people...ain't nobody got time for that! 
 Ready for your 600 calorie burn workout?  This is what I am going to do today, and my goal is to burn 600 calories in 1 hour!  Try this workout and let me know what you think.  Do you wear a heart rate monitor when you workout?

600 Calorie Burn Workout
30 seconds per exercise 10 seconds in between (this is where a gym boss comes in handy)
Repeat each circuit 3 times before moving on to the next.  Rest 2-3 minutes between each circuit.
Circuit #1- 
Bench step ups (alternate leg)
Squat to shoulder press
triceps dips
high knees

Circuit #2-
 Hamstring curls on stability ball
Ab tucks with stability ball
Bent over close grip dumbbell rows
jumping lunges (alternate legs)

Circuit #3-
Kettle bell upright row
russian twist with kettle bell
jump squats 

Now Go Sweat!  Let me know how your workout goes today!  

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