Saturday, October 19, 2013

Workout Timing + Clean Eating Treat Recipes

Good Afternoon!  It is cold and rainy here, a true fall day.  So far my day is going well, I woke up early to get my workout in, 40 minutes of Kickboxing with Jillian Michaels.  Then Ariana and I met my mom for a Halloween kids show and had lunch after.  When we got home, I snuggled up with Ariana for a rainy day nap!  Later we are meeting with our friend who moved to FL for a nice dinner out while he is in town.  I am going to plan my meal ahead of time so I don't go too far off track, which is easy to do with Italian food.  Do you plan what you eat before you head to a restaurant?  

I usually work out in the afternoon, but last night I worked out around 7 and then I did my kickboxing this morning at 6:30.  So it got me thinking about workout timing.  Does it really matter when you workout?  I did some research and came to the conclusion that it doesn't actually matter what time you workout.  You just have to pick a time that works for your schedule so you are more apt to get your workout in.  I usually plan the time I am going to workout the night before based on what I have going on during the next day.  If we have a lot going on in the morning I will plan to workout while little A naps, or at night.  It just takes a little planning and scheduling to get your workout in.  However, what you eat before and after you workout matters.  If you are planning a weight training workout you should have some protein and complex carbs about 1 to 1 1/2 hours before you plan to train.  I will usually have a snack of a mozzarella cheese stick and an apple if I have already eaten breakfast for the day.  Then after my workout I will have a protein shake, see some recipes here.  It is important to have protein after a workout to help repair your muscles and to help with building them as well.  I choose a protein shake because it is quick and easy.  I usually don't feel like eating a full meal right after my workout.  Do you schedule your workouts?  What time of day works best for you?  Do you have any favorite pre or post workout meals/shakes?

Recently I started using PB2 in my shakes if you remember.  I ran out and when I was at The Vitamin Shoppe I found this little treat, Organic Chocolate Peanut Butter!  It is so good in my shakes, it gives it a nice taste and kicks it up a notch. My sister asked if it tastes like a Reese's PB cup, and I think that if you close your eyes and pretend, it does!  You can't deny that putting chocolate and peanut butter together was a genius idea, and now I have this little baby to add to my shakes...YUM!  I haven't made it as a spread yet, I will let you know when I do!

I am going to leave you on this rainy Saturday afternoon, a perfect day for baking, these two links for some clean eating treats.  I am going to gather some of these ingredients tomorrow when I am grocery shopping and make some clean treats to have on hand.  Like I always say, you really can't have too much chocolate! 

Apple Walnut Bread from Fit Kim

9 Clean Desserts from Oxygen Magazine online

 Let me know what you think of these yummy clean treats if you make them this weekend!  

I will talk with you tomorrow for my weekly review and some weekly meal planning ideas.  Have a wonderful Sweetest Day!  I hope you spend it with someone you love!