Friday, October 11, 2013

Busy week...Relaxing weekend!

 Happy Friday Friends!  It has been quite a busy week so far!  I took Ariana to the Cider mill with a friend and her little one, they had a great time and little A even had her first cider mill doughnut and cider, she loved it!  She got to see the animals and play on the play ground.  Wednesday we had Kindermusik, and I had 3 clients.  It is great to start back up with training, I really enjoy it and look forward to doing more as Ariana gets older.  Yesterday we spent some time with my mom, little A really loves her and it is nice to have some time with her.  I got a new pair of sketchers with the memory foam, more for running errands than working out, but they are cute nonetheless.  Today, has been busy already, I had to take my little dog, Bella, to the vet, she has a small eye infection, but will be okay.  Now I am about to pack and we are heading up north to stay with my father in law and mother in law at their cabin.  It should be a nice relaxing weekend.  I am excited to see the colors and have some down time.  If you have ever been up north Michigan in the fall you know the colors are breathtaking.  I am going to pack my workout clothes and shoes, in hopes of getting a jog and some body weight exercises in while A naps.  What are your plans for the weekend?

I have a great guest post scheduled for you tomorrow, it is a Q & A session with Alicen from Former Fitness Flunky.  I am happy to have her here with some great info that she has to share from working with her clients and the questions she gets the most often.  Stop by her blog and check it out, it is a great site!

I found this today when I was shopping for some healthy snacks for our trip up north.  A client of mine was asking for quick healthy breakfast ideas for her early days.  I think this is a great option.  It has all real ingredients and can be prepared quickly.  Add a few hard boiled eggs for some protein and you are good to go.  I usually have time to make breakfast, a benefit of being a stay at home mom, but I bought this to take up north.  I have a feeling little A will like it too.  I found it at Target and it was a great price for the quality of the ingredients compared to some of the others with chemicals and more sugar.  If you try this let me know what you think?  What are some of your favorite "quick and clean" go to breakfast food choices?  

Have a great weekend!  I look forward to telling you about our trip up north, sharing some pictures and hearing about your weekend!