Friday, January 9, 2015

Fitness Friday + Back & Shoulder Workout

Happy Friday Fit Friends!  It is cold and snowy here, and my little one is begging to get out in the snow and build a snow man, which is where we are headed after today's blog post is up!

In a recent post I talked about working to find my balance with eating without restricting at all.  So far everything has been going great.   I am working with my friend and "coach" Amanda from Balanced Brunette to get my macros set at the right percentage for me.  Today she made a small adjustment for me and we will see how that goes.  I am trying to get my metabolism back up and running with eating whole foods, allowing for treats, lifting weights and HIIT cardio.  Right now I'm not restricting at all, and it feels like freedom with tracking macros.  I have been using the My Fitness pal app on my phone to track daily.  I won't do it forever, just until I reach my goals.  Then I'll work to maintain with a balanced lifestyle.  It's something like If it fits your macros or flexible dieting.  For me it's finding what works best for me to reach my goals.  I'm not focusing on the scale...I'm focusing on getting my metabolism back to where is should be.  We are going to visit a friend in Florida in February, when I get back Amanda and I are going to work on a reverse diet plan to really get my metabolism back up.  This creates a faster metabolism and allows for more room to cut calories to lose fat without going too low or having to restrict.  I'm still doing more reading in the reverse diet, but as of now it seems like a great place to start.  I have dedicated 2015 to reaching my goals.  I know with consistency, balance and some hard work I will get there!

My home gym...battle ropes, post workout pump, HRM calorie burn
 As for my workouts lately they have been awesome.  I am sticking to my schedule I have created and I love my new plan.  I am loving the added challenge of my new battle ropes.  I feel like once I get into a routine with my workouts it is easy to stick to since I know what I am working out on what day.  It makes it easy to get dressed and head to my home gym in my basement to workout.  Yesterday I did my back and shoulders workout with ropes and boxing mixed in for cardio.  I love having all my fun workout "toys" to keep it interesting.  I have been shooting to hit around 700 calories per workout and since I workout 5 days a week that gives me around 3,500 calories burned for the week.  I wear my polar HRM to track my heart rate and calories.  It gives me a little extra motivation and push to hit my calorie goal.  You have to keep it fun right?!?  Do you wear a HRM when you workout?  

Here is my back and shoulder workout from yesterday:
Circuit #1- 
Single arm rows- 35lbs x 12 each arm
Rope high pulls- 30lbs x 15
Shoulder presses- 15lbs x 15 
30 second plank hold
30 second ropes 
30 second boxing 
*I repeated the circuit 3 times before moving on to circuit 2

Circuit #2- 
Lat pulldowns- 90lbs x 15 
Seated cable row- 50lbs x 15
Lateral shoulder raises- 15lbs x 15 each
V-sit with a twist- 20 lbs x 30 seconds
45 second ropes
45 second boxing
 *I repeated the circuit 3 times before moving on to circuit 2

Circuit #3-  
Single arm rear fly- 15lbs x 15 each 
Upright row with kettle bell- 30lbs x 15
Front shoulder raises- 15lbs x 12 each
30 second bicycle crunches
45 seconds ropes
45 seconds boxing 
 *I repeated the circuit 3 times 

I hope that you have had a wonderful week so far!  I have one more workout tomorrow, my second leg day.  I love doing legs!  The DOMS the next day not so much!  Today I did a new drop set and HIIT cardio workout.  I will post both those workouts in the next few days.  This is what I will be doing for the rest of January before I change it up again.  I am really excited to see where I am at the end of the month with all the work I have been putting in.

If you are struggling with the restrict/binge cycle please feel free to send me an e-mail or a message to my Facebook page.  I am an NASM certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist.  I am happy to talk with you about finding your way out of this cycle.  Sometimes you need someone who knows what you are going through to just talk to.  I know it has helped me to have a few fit friends to chat with.  I am here to help in anyway I can! 

Head over and check them out!! I love both of their blogs!

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