Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014...Hello 2015!

It is so hard to believe that 2014 is coming to and end and we are about to ring in 2015!  This year really has seemed to fly by for me.  It has been a great year, spent with great friends and family.  It had it's up and downs like every year.  However I feel blessed to have had more ups than downs.  I have made some new friends, strengthened a few friendships and have had a few kind of fade.  My sweet nephew was born this year too!  I just love him so much, and I can't wait for him and Ariana to grow up together.

On the "business" side of things, I didn't blog quite as much as I would have liked.  I re-branded from On Fire Fitness Healthy Living to Angelena Marie: Happy, Healthy, Balanced.  I feel like I wanted to be able to open up my blog to more of my life and branch out from just fitness.  I am really happy that I made the switch and thank all the lovely followers who stayed with me through the re-branding!  That is one of my goals for the new year is to focus on my blog again and create a schedule that I can stick to so I can share more with you all.  Myself and a few of my fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador have set up a weekly link up that will be launching on January 7th, a week from today!  I am so thrilled to co-host this fun link up, we hope you will join us!

In terms of my health and fitness life this year, I have had my ups and downs.  I gained some weight, then lost some weight, then gained it back and it has stuck with me.  Through it all the one constant is my workouts!  My love for fitness will never leave, it is a part of who I am.  In April, I tried paleo for 6 weeks and did great until I added some non-paleo foods back in.  Before I knew it I gained all I had lost.  Since then I have been struggling to find a true balance with my eating habits.  I have been an all or nothing girl, meaning that I am not eating anything "bad", working out and am all in or I am eating whatever I want and not really caring.  I realized just recently that I have a problem when I restrict any kind of food I do okay for a little bit, then I binge after going too long with restricting.  This is a problem because it creates a yo-yo effect with my body, and really my mind.  Since I have come to this realization I have been working to find the balance between the two.  I want to be happily in the middle.  Working out regularly, eating whole real food most of the time, allowing for treat meals and snacks, and no restricting.  It is going to take time to truly reach the balance between the two, but I know I will get there!  My goal is to lose about 25-30 pounds to reach my goal weight, then maintain within a few pounds of that weight.  I am not really too concerned with the number on the scale it is just a benchmark for me.  Using something that is like IIFYM, or flexible dieting I can eat whatever I want within my macros.  So I can eat the treats I want and still reach my goals.  I love the sound of that.  This will take away the need to restrict and then binge.  So like I said it is a work in progress.  I know 2015 will be the year I overcome this cycle and find freedom and balance!

I am so ready for a New Year and a New start!  I have written down my goals in my journal and will share them with you guys.  I would love to hear what some of your goals are.  Please share in the comments!

My 2015 Goals 

Health & Fitness Goals: 
  • Work daily on overcoming my restrict/binge pattern
  • Form new habits and create a new relationship with food
  • Track my food/macros daily 
  • Work with flexible dieting/IIFYM/balanced eating to find the balance that is right for me
  • Change my mindset with losing's not a short term diet it is a long term lifestyle change
  • Work to reach my "goal" weight this year and maintain, no more yo-yo's 
  • Challenge myself with my fitness, add new workouts
Personal Goals: 
  • Set a blogging schedule to help grow my blog
  • Work on personal development
  • Compete my CEU's for my NASM certification 
  • Write more for my partnership with
  • Grow my social media following by connecting with more people
  • Work on being a better mom and wife
  • Have a wonderful and productive year!
I want to thank all of you who have stopped by my blog, shared or commented on a post, and have been a part of my journey.  I am humbled to know people come by my little piece of the internet to read my little blog.  I am excited for what 2015 has to offer!  Wishing you all a safe and happy new year!  Signing off for the last time in 2014!  

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