Monday, December 15, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide for the Fit Girl in Your Life

It's so hard to believe that Christmas is only 10 days away!  I still have a list to make and shopping to do!  As I was thinking about the things that I would like to have for Christmas today I decided to come up with a list of things that the fit girl in your life might like, weather she is your wife, girlfriend, best friend, or family member.  I hope to make your Christmas or Holiday shopping a little easier this year.  Let's get started with this super fun and fit Holiday gift guide!

1) Gym Boss Interval Timer

I love my Gym Boss!  I use it when I want to get a timed circuit or tabata workout in.  It is also perfect if you travel and need to get a quick workout in.  There are a ton of fun colors to choose from!

2) Jump Rope
This is a simple gift that you can use as a stocking stuffer.  What fit girl doesn't like to jump rope?  You can pair it with the Gym Boss for a quick cardio workout!

3) Heart Rate Monitor
There are tons of different heart rate monitors on the market these days.  My favorite brand is Polar.  They have tons of models, so be sure to research what each one offers and choose the one that will do what your fit girl will need. If you know your fit girl is a runner Garmin offers a great line of watches to choose from. 

4) Workout DVD's
These are total time savers when you need to get a quick workout in at home.  I use them all the time to change up my workout and keep things fun in my workouts.  My favorite line of DVD's is Jillian Michael's.  I have tried a ton of hers and they are all great workouts!  Here are a few of my faves: Kickboxing, Yoga Inferno, 30 Day Shred, Yoga Meltdown, and Killer abs.

5) Ankle Weights
These are another great fitness add on gift.  I started using them in my leg/glute workouts and they really do make a difference.  You can get her a 2.5 lb pair and a 5 lb pair to switch it up.  They aren't just fashionable they are functional too!

6) New Gym Shoes 
What girl doesn't like to open up a brand new pair of shoes for the Holidays?  I know I get excited for a new pair every year.  My fave brand is Nike.  I choose the Free Run's every year because they are light weight but provide enough support for my lifting, HIIT and even my DVD workouts.  They are so versatile!  If you aren't sure what brand the fit girl in your life needs try to check out the ones she currently uses and get her the updated version (although make sure to include a gift receipt in case they don't fit right!)

7) Workout Gear
The one thing that always gets me excited for a workout is a cute new tank or pants!  I am always excited to try them out.  My favorite tanks right now are my ones with cute sayings from Pretty Fit Athletics.  They are comfy and soft and I love the motivational sayings to get me pumped up for my workout.  I am an ambassador for these tanks...use the code Angelena10 for 10% off your order!  Pair the tank up with a pair of Under Armor Capris and the fit girl getting this new outfit will be thrilled!  

8) Training Sessions with a Personal Trainer 
If your fit girl is looking to take her training to the next level she might like a few sessions with a personal trainer at her gym.  As a personal trainer I loved working with the clients who received training sessions as a gift, they were always so excited to workout.  If you don't want to choose a specific trainer you can purchase a gift certificate for her gym so she can use it on whatever she would like there.

9) Boxing or Yoga Classes 
You can search online for a studio near her home, check reviews from others who have visited so you can pick one she will be sure to use!  Most of the time these studios offer gift packages, so you can choose as many classes as you think she will use.  It is a fun way for your fit girl to change up her workouts!

10) A Subscription for a Fitness Box 
Set up a subscription for a fitness box that will come to her house every month or every other month!  It is the gift that keeps on giving!  I have received boxes from Bulu Box and I love the assortment of products they have to tryYou can get 50% off your subscription with code: BULUGAN016.  She will be thrilled to get her product box each month!  The other product box I received is from Fab Fit Fun, it was a gift from my husband.  I loved the new things that came each month to try.  If you want to check it out click here to sign your fit girl up!

As a fit girl I know that these are some great gifts your fit girl would love to receive for the holidays!
Are there any other things that you would add to the list?
I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!!
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  1. I LOVE skipping rope. Such an easy thing to pack for travel vacations too. I've never seen that gym boss interval timer before, looks pretty awesome.

    1. It is such a great workout in itself! You have to get the Gym Boss if you love interval workouts! I use mine all the time for my tabata workouts.

  2. Love my's my jam! I use it for almost all of my workouts!

  3. Really great suggestions! I have wanted a Gymboss for a while now and I might have to check out the BuluBox. I love those types of things!

    1. Thanks Meg! You will love the Gym Boss! The bulu boxes are fun too! You can choose what type of box you want to get. It's fun to try new stuff!

  4. Love Jillian Michaels DVDs and BuluBox! I've also been wanting to get into jump rope - but I don't have the guts to try it in front of everyone at the gym haha. Thanks for joining the link up! We'll be off next week, but it'll be back again every friday starting in January! Hope you can come back then :) xoxo

    1. I know I can always pop in a Jillian DVD and get a great workout in! Girl you would rock that jump rope! I will definitely be back to link up with you! I love your blog :-)

  5. I bought the gymboss for my Dad this yr and he loves it. I would enjoy any of these gifts for Christmas. Great choices!-L

    1. That's awesome, it really is the best fitness tool, you can do so much with it! Thanks! I am glad you like them...send an email as a hint hint to your gift givers this year ;-)
      Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am going to head over and check yours out!

  6. I would add the FlipBelt- perfect for your gym workouts and I love my fitbit- makes me want to move! Super cute Nike sneakers! Great list!

    1. I haven't heard of the flip belt! What is it? I tried the fitbit, but I have a really hard time having something on my wrist all the time. I like the HRM because I only have to wear it during my workout and it tracks my calories and tallies up what I burned for the week, it pushes me to reach a certain number of calories each week! Anything that makes you want to move is great!! I love Nike, I have a pair of pink and leopard free runs.

  7. I love the thank tops with fun fit sayings, so cute and motivational!