Monday, March 24, 2014

Circuit Training: Beat Your Workout Boredom

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  Were you able to stay on track with your workouts and eating clean?  I was able to get my workout in on Saturday and took a rest day on Sunday.  One of my best friends got married on Saturday night, and we had a blast at the wedding and we ended up being out really late.  So, Sunday was my rest day.  I love Mondays, because it is the perfect day to refocus on your goals.  I am ready to hit this week hard and I have all my workouts planned and have my fridge stocked with healthy foods.  I will do a weekly round-up of my week on Sunday, and would love you to share too!  If you have good food on hand, it makes it that much easier to stay on track and eat clean whole foods.  As, you know from my previous posts, that nutrition is the most important part of fat loss and muscle building, but you also have to challenge your self with your workouts.  

I love lifting weights and the way I look and feel after being consistent in my workouts.  I have been doing circuit training for as long as I can remember!  So what is circuit training you ask?  Circuit training is taking 3-5 exercises and doing them consecutively with no rest between them, they can be weighted exercises like bicep curls, body weight exercises like push-ups and also plyometric moves like jumping rope.  This keeps you moving for more of your workout which burns more calories.  I feel like it makes my workouts fly by and I am sweaty and out of breath for much of my workout!  Now, I will say that it is important to change up your workouts and still do some straight set heavy weight days, and even add in drop-sets and pyramid sets as well.  This will keep you challenged and help get the results you are looking for.  Just make sure to stay consistent for about 4 weeks with your workouts and then change up some variables (days of muscle group worked, amount of weight used for exercises, order of exercises and the actual exercises).  This will help keep you from getting bored in your workouts, and also keep your body guessing.  Ready for a circuit workout you can add to your routine?  Okay here it is:

If you try this workout, let me know what you think.  Have you done circuit workouts before?  Feel free to share your favorite ones with me!
Well I am off to get my chest/arms and treadmill sprints workout in?  What is your workout today?

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