Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wild Workout Wednesday + Fitness Gear Review +Stroller Running Day Launch

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Today I want to share with you some fun fitness gear I have been using and loving.  I am a total fitness gear lover!  I want it all, haha! Recently I saw a fellow fitness blogger Ivanna of Petite Heartbeat post a picture of her Jawbone UP on Instagram.  I had been thinking about getting one since it looked less bulky than some of the other ones.  I did a search on Google and found one at a good price on a discount site for a color they were getting rid of, score for me since I love the color!  I got it over this weekend and started using it Monday.  It syncs up with your phone app by plugging it in to your phone.  I love this, because I am not constantly checking my app.  I upload twice a day, once in the morning to see how I slept, and once after my workout so I can log what I did.  I really love it!  I thought that I wouldn't like to have the band on all day, but it is so lightweight that I hardly know that it is there.  It is easy to take off and put on with no clips or snaps.  I take it off to shower, otherwise it am wearing it.  I don't even notice it at night when I am sleeping, which is great, because I don't like to have jewelery on while I sleep.

Here is my summary for my sleep last night and my activity from yesterday.  I love that it knows how well I slept, those 2 orange lines in the middle are the two times I woke up, once because my dog was barking and I didn't want her to wake up my daughter so I got up to go get her.  The second was when my daughter woke up and wanted to come in my bed.  It's pretty cool to see my sleep patterns.   I also love that it tracks my steps, I set my goal at 10,000 steps not knowing how many I take.  I am happy to see that I am able to reach my goal during the day.  The UP also knows when I am performing my activity, it showed I had 30 minutes of active time, which was my treadmill Couch 2 5k training.  I was able to choose my activity and it posted how many miles I did, which was totally accurate.  I also did some strength training, but it didn't pick that up as activity.  I could add that in if I wanted too.  It is so user friendly and easy to use, I would recommend it to someone looking for an affordable fitness tracker.  The other thing I love is that I set a reminder for the UP to vibrate if I have been inactive for more than 30 minutes.  It is a great reminder to get up and move around for a bit.  In fact as I am writing this, it is buzzing at me...time to do a few laps around the house!

Okay I am back!  Now I want to share about he cool shirts that are in my photo above.  As you know I am a FitFluential Ambassador.  They posted a fun offer for us ambassadors so I ordered my tank and got my FitFluential tee free!  They are both from Viewsport.  These shirts are fun because they contain a message in the back of the shirt when it gets wet with sweat!  How fun!  I wore my Burpees Don't Like You Either one yesterday and apparently I don't sweat as much as I thought because only a little of the message showed up!  It is now my goal to get that whole message to show up!  Viewsport has a great offer of 20% off the Limited Edition FitFluential Tee or any item in their shop, just use the code SPRING20.  Since I think these shirts are so fun, I wanted to be sure to share with you!

I want to share how my Couch to 5k training is going.  As I shared I am doing my first 5k in many years, on May 2nd.  It is now fast approaching, and even though I got sidetracked by illness, I was able to pick right back up where I left off and do more so I could catch up.  I downloaded the free app for my iPhone and I love it!  It gives you what you need to do for your run each day.  It is set up so you do the same workout three days in a row.  I love this because as I progress in the week I try to up my speed a little each day.  I am now in week 4, and will finish day 3 today, then finish out week 5 the rest of this week.  I am still playing catch up from what I missed then I will double up next week as well.  I am hoping that the warm weather comes back so I can get outside for at least one 3 mile run before the race day.  Yesterday, I had an amazing workout and I pushed myself to run faster than I had been.  I highly recommend this app if you are getting back into running after being out of it for a while.  So far I am progressing and love how I am reminded to get my workouts in each week!

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