Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wild Workout Wednesday +A Fat Blasting Kettlebell Workout

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About 4 years ago I decided to become Kettlebell certified.  At the time I was working at Lifetime Fitness and kettlebells were all the rage!  In order to use the kettlebells with our clients we had to be certified as they require a certain technique and we needed to be safe with them as well.  I was excited when KettleBell Concepts came to Lifetime to offer the Level 1 certification to all the trainers that wanted to get certified.  After 2 intense days of learning about the different moves, workouts, and safety precautions I tested out and was officially certified.  I used to run a few small group fitness classes and we incorporated kettlebells and my clients were always dripping in sweat at the end of class.  I started to add them to my workouts as well, and I really love the versatility they add to a workout!

Why add kettlebell training to your workouts?  The biggest reason is the functional training that the moves in the kettlebell works offer.  Functional training means that the workouts prepare your body for everyday movements, bending, twisting, reaching and lifting.  These workouts challenge your neuromuscular system different than other workouts to.  The body has to respond to the momentum of the kettlebell and you have to work to get it moving.  You also torch a whole lot of calories in a kettlebell workout, you will be dripping in sweat after a killer kettlebell workout.  If you haven't ever tried a kettlebell workout, I suggest finding a certified instructor to teach you the basic moves and safety of using the kettlebells.  Also, start with lighter weights until you master the move, then you can increase your weights accordingly.  I use mostly 20-25 for swinging movements, and 30-40 when doing more of the strength moves, but keep in  mind I am advanced when it comes to fitness and kettlebells, I have slowly worked my way up there.  Are you ready for a kettlebell workout you can add to your weekly workouts and blast some fat?  Here you go!!

Visit this website to see these moves and for instructions on proper form.

**Disclaimer:  I am a certified personal trainer, but I am not your personal trainer.  Be sure to check with your health care provider before starting this or any new workout.  If you are a beginner, please consult a certified kettlebell instructor before trying this workout.

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