Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Reaching Your Goals...One Day At A Time

Hello!  How has your July been?  It is hard to believe that another month is coming to a close.  I had a wonderful month.  I set some goals and have been doing awesome.   I always start the month out with a workout schedule and I track all my workouts.  I have also been food journaling again, as this helps me to know if I am getting enough protein.  I am working on losing body fat while still building muscle.  Protein helps with muscle growth and repair so I need to make sure I am getting enough in daily.  Did you have goals for the month that you worked towards?  How did they go? 

I find that when it comes to getting my workouts done and working on my eating if I take it one day at a time, it makes it easier to tackle the goal.  I know what my weekly workout schedule is and know exactly what my workout will be when I wake up, so it is never a question of if I am going to workout.  I usually eat around 8:30am and workout around 10:30am.  I find that if I get my workout done first thing I will not skip it later because I am too busy.  Everyday I get dressed in my workout gear right after breakfast then do whatever chores or writing I need to do, this ensures I am mentally preparing for my workout.  Have you ever gotten dressed for the gym and then skipped it?  No one wants to take off gym clothes without doing a workout.  If you workout after work, pack your gym bag and change before you leave and head right to the gym.. Be sure to be prepared with a pre-workout snack or meal, and have protein in a shaker cup for your post-workout ride home.  I find that the "secret" to success is preparation!  If you have your meals ready to go, your workout clothes packed and a workout schedule ready for the week or month you are going to be able to stay on track.  If you feel like you don't know where to start check out my 4 Week Shape Up Plan, it takes the guess work out of reaching your goals. 

Here are some simple tips to help keep you on track to reaching your goals:
  • Write your goals down and keep them somewhere you will see them daily
  • Write your workout schedule down for the month 
  • Keep a workout journal
  • Track your food daily, at least for a few weeks to make sure you are eating the right foods
  • Keep your gym bag packed and have some extra snacks ready too
  • Have your meals prepped for a few days at a time
  • Find an accountability buddy
  • Keep track of your progress with pictures and measurements, not just scale weight
I hope these tips help you get started on reaching your goals or just help you to live a healthy lifestyle.  If you have questions or need help getting started don't hesitate to send me an e-mail. 

I was to excited that earlier this month I met Nicole Wilkins at her 5th Annual Nicole Wilkins classic.  She was so sweet and down to earth and if I wasn't so starstruck I would have asked her more questions.  She is such an inspiration to me.  She has created her life around her passion for fitness and has built an admirable physique.  I wish I would have asked her a few questions, but I did tell her that she is an inspiration of mine and that I follow her journey.  We stayed for the show, it was the first one I have seen.  It was so inspiring to watch.  I know that those athletes were totally dedicated and worked so hard to get their bodies into competition shape.  When we left my husband asked me if it made me want to do a show more or less...can you guess my answer?  I said MORE! 

I know that I have a ton of work to do in order to compete, but I have set some mini goals for my self.  We also have a vacation planned for this fall.  I want to rock a bikini so this helps keep me motivated.  My main goal is to lose body fat while building muscle.  I will see where I am at the end of the year an decide where to go from there.  It is always going to be a goal for me to compete.  I am not going to kill myself to get there.  I am going to work at it one day at a time and see where I am when 2015 comes along.  The 2015 Nicole Wilkins Classic is in the back of my mind and if I am ready when it comes time to do prep (usually about 16 weeks out) I will decide then.  I appreciate all your support with everything and it means a lot to get comments and feedback from you guys!

What are some goals you are working on?

Do you break down your large goals to mini-goals?

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