Saturday, June 14, 2014

Striving for Health and Balance...Not Perfection!


Hello!  The weather has been so nice here, we have been out enjoying the sunshine!  I have been trying to decide how to share some news, as it was a difficult decision, but I have decided not to train to do the bikini competition in the fall.  It was a decision that did not come easy, but there were many factors that came into play.  The biggest was the time that training was taking away from time with my daughter on a daily basis.  I really enjoy working out and she is used to me working out, but when it becomes 2 hours a day, 6 days a week, it was beginning to be too much.  The second is that we really want to get pregnant with baby number 2 over the summer.  Lastly, was I was becoming obsessed with meal prep, eating all day at the right times and tracking macros.  This was all throwing me out of balance and was becoming unhealthy.  Over these past few years I have really been working on finding that perfect balance for me and what my healthy looks like.  It is not a six pack abs and never enjoying a glass of wine or piece of chocolate without feeling guilty.  Guilt is not something I want to associate with food.  Bikini prep is a very dedicated and specific process and I admire the women that are able to do it.  I just feel like at this time it is not right for me.

For me I want to strive to be healthy and balanced, and forget the idea of being "perfect".  I still want to have the best and healthiest body possible, but do so in a healthy way.  As a woman, body image is something that I probably was thinking about too much and it is easy to get caught up in having the perfect body.  I want to focus on having the perfect body for me.  I may never have the "perfect" stomach, but it is one that reminds me that my body gave me my perfect daughter, and that is totally fine with me.  I am 100% happy when I look in the mirror and to me that is what healthy is all about.  Loving me for me, even with all my imperfections.  This is my hope for all women, that they love what they see in the mirror.  I want my daughter to grow up loving herself and never questioning if she is skinny enough or focusing on her weight too much,  I want to show her what a strong and healthy mom looks like.  I want her to be strong, healthy and happy!

Here is what my healthy looks like: 
  • Working out 1 hour a day 5-6 days a week.
  • Playing outside with my daughter.
  • Eating healthy balanced meals.
  • Having some treats a few times a week (no guilt!)
  • Drinking green smoothies with my daughter on the patio daily!
  • Eating a mostly Paleo diet as that is what works best for me and I feel my best eating this way.
  • Teaching my daughter healthy eating habits.
  • Loving what I see in the mirror! 
  • Truly finding the balance of being a fit mom and a fun mom!
  • Being happy and healthy and teaching others how to live their healthiest life possible!
What does your healthy look like?  I would love to know!

I also have some other fun news to share, I am now one of five Health Expert Blogs on Women's Forum.  It is a website that caters to women and has tons of info from health, parenting, style food and much more.  Be sure to head over and check it out!  You can also stop by and like them on Facebook.  I am so honored to be a part of this amazing website and share health and fitness tips with women and moms everywhere!  My blog is called Fit & Healthy Mama and I have some articles posted and will be posting more monthly.  I would love your feedback and any topics you would like to have me write about!

Just a quick thanks to all my readers and supporters, you don't know how much it means to have people read and identify with my writing. 

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