Monday, March 4, 2013

So you had a bad day...

     Every now and again you are going to have a bad day.  And it is ok!  We all have those days where we want to pull the covers back over our heads and go back to sleep.  You choose how you react to those bad days and how you react can either bring you closer to your goals or take your farther from them.  The best thing that you can do for yourself when you are having "one of those days" is to stop, take a few deep cleansing breaths and figure out what is going on.  Did you get enough sleep, is your nutrition off and maybe you haven't been eating the right things, or maybe things just aren't going your way.  This is where your choice comes in, you can choose to get pulled down by this mood and day or you can fight it.  Choose that can get out of that funk!  Exercise is a mood booster, and a great way to take some time for yourself.  If you are at work get up from your desk and take a walk to a friends desk for a quick chat, or if the weather is nice go for a quick walk outside and get some fresh air.  If you are at home, get to the gym or workout at home.  You will feel so much better after you get that workout in.  Exercise releases good endorphins that make you feel better and boost your mood. 
     If your bad day comes in the form of a "bad food day", it is ok!  One bad day is not going to derail your consistent good days.  Sometimes we just need a day to not have to worry about every little thing we put in our mouths.  Do it, have what you want and then get over it.  Move on and don't let it ruin your whole week.  Life is a balancing act, work and home life, exercise and rest time, healthy meals and cheat meals.  You are working to live a healthy lifestyle not "diet", so when a bad day hits you know that it is ok, and is not going to take you off track.  Write a note to yourself in your food journal so you can look back at how you were feeling and how you reacted, so the next time this days hits, you know what to do.
     Keep your eye on the prize...reaching your goals and living a healthy balanced life!


  1. Love this!!!! I needed to hear this today!!!!!!

    1. You were my inspiration today! You worked through it and worked out. You my dear are AMAZING!

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